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HVCV Handbook

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The HVCV Handbook is a great resource which includes information and advice for new puppy owners, and anyone who is interested in the breed. Price includes postage within Australia. Contents include: Breed History and Facts How Do Vizslas Compare to Labradors and Golden Retrievers Personality Is a Hungarian Vizsla The Right Dog For You? Purchasing a Puppy Responsibilities of a Dog Owner One Puppy or Two? Your New Puppy Caring For Your Vizsla Early Training and Socialisation is Essential Puberty Vizsla Health Diseases Reported by Vizsla Owners Activities to Enjoy with your Vizsla About The Hungarian Vizsla Club of Victoria Inc About Dogs Victoria Useful Information (Fear of Fireworks, Food that is Toxic to Dogs, Hot Weather Care, Lost Dogs, Pet Insurance, Snakes, Plants Toxic to Dogs, Desexing Your Vizsla, Vizslas and Children) Information about Vizslas Hungarian Vizsla Collectibles Resources Vizslas in Advertising The Breed Standard – Hungarian Vizsla Glossary Australian Hungarian Vizsla Breeder Prefixes 1974 - 2017
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