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Breed Facts

Place of Origin: Hungary Temperament: Affectionate, active, playful, sensitive, loves human companionship
Type: Gun Dog, Group 3 Grooming: Minimal maintenance. Toenails need regular trimming, and occasional brushing.
Official Purpose: Bred to hunt small game birds, rabbits and to retrieve water fowl Exercise: High energy and require LOTS of exercise when fully grown.  Young puppies should not be over exercised
Tail & Dew Claws: Docking of tails is now banned as of the 1/4/04. Dew claws should be removed Training: Socialisation and early training is essential.  They require basic training and respond well to obedience training.  A firm but not harsh training technique is best, with positive reinforcement.
Lifespan: 10-15 Years    
Suitability for Children: Older dogs should be gentle. Young puppies can be boisterous with young children under 7.  Parental supervision is necessary at all times as is with all dogs. Ideal Owner: Someone who enjoys an active life and is willing to include their dog in their home life.
Colour: Russet Gold    
Breed Enquiries: NICOLA ABELL 03 9822 0887

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