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Breed Inquiries

Interested in owning a Hungarian Vizsla?  Want to know more about them?

The Hungarian Vizsla Club of Victoria (HVCV) maintains a breed information pack and a Breeders Directory listing ANKC registered breeders who are members of the HVCV, and who have agreed to some additional criteria. The club provides this information to prospective owners free of charge.  Please contact us for an information pack and Breeders' Directory.

Our Breed and Puppy Information Officer contact details can be found under Contact Us.

Finding the Right Breeder...

Helpful information

  • Make sure you understand any terms and conditions the breeder has imposed on the sale of the puppy – e.g. Limited Register, must be desexed, must have a litter of puppies for the breeder.
  • The HVCV does not accept notifications of litters bred from bitches less than 18 months of age.  It is against the Dogs Victoria (VCA) Code of Practice to breed Vizsla bitches before they are 18 months old.
  • The HVCV does not approve of bitches of 9 years of age or older being bred from.
  • Look carefully at the puppy’s pedigree.  The HVCV does not approve of inbreeding such as brother/sister, father/daughter or mother/son matings.  This is also against the Dogs Victoria (VCA) Code of Practice.
  • Following complaints made to the Club about extended waiting times, it is a Bylaw of the Club that to be listed on the HVCV Breeder Directory, a breeder must not require you to pay a deposit to be on a waiting list and/or where they do not have a puppy available for sale at the moment.  It’s OK to require a deposit to secure a puppy that has already been born.

Questions you should ask and expect positive responses to, or responses in line with the information indicated:

  • Are you an ANKC registered breeder? (ie registered with Dogs Victoria (VCA), DogsNSW, DogsQLD, DogsSA, DogsACT, Dogs Tasmania, Dogs West, DogsNT)
  • Why did you choose this breed and how long have you been involved with it?
  • Are the puppies registered with Dogs Victoria (VCA)?  Or if bred interstate are they registered with the equivalent ANKC member body (listed above)?
  • Can we visit before deciding on our puppy?
  • If we decide on your litter can we visit regularly before choosing our pup?
  • Can we see the mother/father or other family members?
  • How old are the parents of the puppy?  [bitches should not be younger than 18 months and not more than 9 years of age]
  • Can we see the litter together?
  • At what age can we take the puppy home? [Puppies should not leave the breeder until they are 8 weeks old - this is a requirement of Victorian Government Codes of Practice]
  • Are you a member of the Hungarian Vizsla Club of Victoria?  If not are you a member of the Hungarian Vizsla Club of NSW or SA?
  • What do you do to socialize the puppies before they leave home?
  • Are the mother and father hip scored and can you tell me the scores? (breed average is ~9.61 - sum of the left and right score)
  • If any unforeseen conditions arise, can the puppy be returned?
  • Do you have other breeds or other litters available? (multiple breeds with multiple litters may indicate an intensive breeding facility)
  • Have the puppies been wormed and when will the puppies be vaccinated and microchipped? (vaccination and microchipping should happen at 6 weeks)

Responsible breeders will

  • Be registered with Dogs Victoria (or interstate equivalent)
  • Be actively involved in the breed and its betterment.  This means they will do things like showing or trialing their dogs, and being members of the HVCV or interstate equivalent.  Their dogs will hold conformation and/or performance titles, or be working towards these.
  • Openly discuss both positive and negative aspects of the breed
  • Allow you to visit and see all dogs and puppies on the premises
  • Have happy, healthy dogs and clean living quarters
  • Have completed hip and elbow scoring on breeding stock and be aware of any health considerations in the breed
  • Ask you questions

Responsible breeders will provide

  • Complete vaccination records
  • Signed ANKC registration papers for transfer (supplied within 6 months of purchase)
  • Microchip transfer paperwork
  • Puppy care and diet sheet
  • Responsible dog ownership information
  • Continued advice and reasonable assistance

Remember …

  • Talk to and visit as many breeders as possible
  • Ask as many questions as you can think of
  • Be prepared to have questions asked of you
  • If it doesn't feel right - find another breeder
  • Contact the Breed Enquiries Officer if you have any further questions

Responsible breeders will care about the future well-being of their puppies.

All Dogs Victoria (VCA) members are bound to adhere to a member’s Code of Ethics relating to the keeping, welfare, breeding and selling of dogs.

From 1/07/08, breeders wishing to be listed on the HVCV Breeders Directory must agree to conditions set by the club.

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