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Rescue and Rehome Service

For a variety of reasons, Vizslas occasionally require new homes, and older Vizslas are available from time to time.  Some prospective owners may prefer an older dog to a young puppy and people wanting to acquire an older Vizsla are matched with those available.

The club's rescue service cares for Vizslas, lost or released from a shelter and needing a new home until the appropriate new owner is available.

If, for whaterver reason you find that you are no longer able to care for your Vizsla please,

DO NOT: advertise your Vizsla in a newspaper

DO NOT: surrender your Vizsla to a shelter

CONTACT the breeder of your Vizsla because responsible breeders have a lifelong interest in the dogs they have bred and may be able to re home the dog with someone they know who is looking for an adult rather than a puppy.

CONTACT the HVCV Rescue Service and we will try to match your dog with a suitable person on our waiting list, and/or work with the Rescue Services of interstate Vizsla clubs who also maintain waiting lists of potentially suitable homes.

If you would like to acquire a Vizsla in need of rehoming please contact our rescue co-ordinator for your application to be considered.  Contact details can be found under Contact Us.

Please be aware that we have a waiting list and are unable to predict when a Vizsla will be available.  Please notify us if you no longer wish to be on the rehome list.

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